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The Mind Full Mommies's Podcast

May 26, 2019

Desiree Cluff is the founder and operator of Rockababy. She calls herself the baby guru and is one of the top sleep consultants for children in Vancouver BC. 


Desiree attended Erickson College where she studied Life Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming, an approach to Psychotherapy based on the awareness of the power of language to affect behaviour and stimulate the mind. She also has a Masters Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming and over 17 years of experience working with children, babies and toddlers. 


DESIREE has always wanted to help others and from a  from a young age she knew that she wanted to work with specifically children. 


I have known Desiree for several years and when my second child was not sleeping, of course it was her that I called upon. What I loved so much about Desiree was her empathetic and caring nature. She really took the time to understand where I was as the mother emotionally and based on that created a plan for us. It was exactly what I needed as I was feeling extremely vulnerable and full of anxiety. The cry it out method was not an option. that would’ve completely shaken my world and I was very comforted by the fact that Desiree was not expecting that of me. We worked together to create a plan that was right for our family.  


Desiree has helped hundreds of families work through and build healthy sleep habits and we are excited to be able to share her knowledge and wisdom with you in our podcast! 

You can find Desiree at and you can download her 6 tips from her website.