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The Mind Full Mommies's Podcast

Mar 20, 2020

 With all that is going on in the world today Stina and I have been racking our brains trying to figure out how in someway we can use our social platform to help others. We have had many ideas but making them come to fruition has been tricky with five boys in the same house together. However one thing we know we can do is podcast anywhere at any time as long as we have someone that’s able to watch the boys, like our husbands who are all currently home from work right now. So we thought who do we know that could help us and our listeners find some balance and calm at this time of great stress and anxiety. We decided to call on Beverly Anderson who has been in my life for a very long time. Beverley was introduced to me years ago by my mother in law.  Beverley is a Registered Social Worker and therapist with 25 years of counselling experience in the mental health field. She specializes in Perinatal Mental Health and offers support, resources and strategies for mental wellness. She has further specialization in Compassionate Bereavement Care for those who have suffered Perinatal Loss. She also has experience in counselling individuals and couples around fertility issues, building alternative families, depression and anxiety, parenting issues, LGBTQ issues, life transitions and relationships.  As many of you know I can go through bouts where I really struggle with anxiety. Beverly has been there throughout all of it and always manages to bring me back to a place of rationale And calm when my life is feeling out of control. Beverly has been an amazing therapist to me and an amazing friend and Without hesitation Beverly accepted our request to do a podcast with her to talk about all of this today.  On this episode we talk about how important it is take care of yourself before you can start to take care of your family. Many people are struggling right now and its ok to feel scared. She talks about leaning into your feelings, gratitude, nourishing yourself and how to connect with others. Beverley gives concrete examples and strategies that you can implement today to help ground yourself and find normalcy during this time of great stress and disruption.