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The Mind Full Mommies's Podcast

Feb 11, 2020

I first met Lisa when I was strolling down Main Street after recently moving to the area and getting to know my new neighbourhood. I popped into her store Giving Gifts and was immediately in LOVE! As I walked through the 5 gorgeously curated rooms my breath was taken away! And THEN there was this super friendly, helpful and passionate woman at the front of the store who offered to help me. It was obvious she cared deeply for the store, her clients, customers and her artists and suppliers - it was Lisa of course! We quickly began chatting and over the years have had many chances to get to know each other on my frequent visits to the store. 

We started following Lisa on Instagram and quickly learned she not only has a talent for sourcing beautiful gifts, creating gorgeous gift crates and designing breathtaking spaces, she is also an incredibly kind, compassionate, inspiring, hard working and loving person who is committed to making the world a better place. She embodies the vision of “Living your dreams” and has begun sharing her passions and leadership through coaching and leading retreats. When we reached out to Lisa to inquire about building our community and asked her to be a guest on our podcast she was so incredibly open and welcoming to all of our ideas! We were blown away by her receptiveness, excitement and encouragement. 

Lisa is a mom of three beautiful children, loving partner, entrepreneur, dream follower, love sharer and game changer! Over the last 4 years Giving Gifts has become both mine and Bre’s “GO TO” place for any kind of gift we needed. We always look forward to visiting the store to shop and especially to chat with Lisa. We can’t wait to learn more about Lisa today and how she followed her dreams to create her amazing business and store and how her life has been evolving to grow her passion for helping others follow their dreams.