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The Mind Full Mommies's Podcast

May 26, 2020

For over a decade Rachel Bailey has helped hundreds of parents bring out the best in their children. In addition to her master’s degree in clinical psychology, she has been an ADHD coach, in-home mentor (helping to improve family dynamics), therapist, and teacher of positive parenting techniques. 

Rachel is also a mom who wants her kids to be able to do what they’re supposed to do (even when they don’t want to!), handle challenges they’re going to face, and feel confident about themselves…. but raising them in this way does not come naturally to her

Like some of you, she tried “traditional” strategies — yelling, threatening, even the “positive” ones like rewards and praise. But none of those strategies worked in the long run, and they didn’t feel good for her or her kids. So she learned how to switch from “band-aid parenting” (using strategies that don’t stick after a while) to “long-game parenting,” which led to results that lasted and made her feel more confident and in control.  Rachel has now taught hundreds and hundreds of families how to do the same… how to feel relief and enjoy their kids again. 

And she can teach you too! Listen in to hear Are and Stina talk to Rachel about parenting and the struggles they are facing with their 5 children.